Interactive agency «Partmedia»

If you want to find common language
with a customer from the very beginning,
to understand the objectives and goals he is pursuing,
to get an idea of the business,
the competitive advantages of a product/service,
the target group and other crucial information, — fill in the brief
we are offering you.

What should you tell your target group?
When and in what manner should you do this
to meet your business needs?

How could you boost the awareness of your
brand and increase sales by 20 %?

The answers to these and other questions     can be found with
the help of our strategy.

We think in terms of business needs.

Depending on the targets,
we set up a site or a mobile app,
promote a group in a social network or
design a corporate identity.

Being always oriented towards
obtaining a high-quality product,
we divide our working process into the following stages:

  • 1. Design
  • 2. Creative
  • 3. Development
  • 4. Testing and debugging
  • 5. Content and copywriting
  • 6. Launch

We render services in various business areas:

  • 1. Search engine optimisation
  • 2. Contextual advertising
  • 3. Media advertising
  • 4. SMM and SMO
We handle the budget

Our customer assistance group
takes on all the routine issues
of project support. We give you a 1-year warranty
on all our work.